Sunday, 11 December 2016

Unofficial CD32/CDTV/Amiga Release - More! Lemmings

Ever since i played Lemmings for the first time back in 1991, its stayed one of my favourite games of all time. And whilst i enjoyed its sequels and spin-offs, the original to me will never be bettered. Sadly for the Amiga, the various level editors and clones over the past decade are only for PC's and Mac's meaning the Amiga hasn't had any new levels since the original games over 20 years ago!

Until now! I'm proud to present 'More! Lemmings', which contains 120 new levels to be played through, never seen on the Amiga before.
Fully playable with a Mouse or Joypad if you own a CD32, or Infared Remote or Mouse for CDTV owners.
In-game screenshots
Download CD32 Version (Archive also contains Front & Back cover art)
Download CDTV Version (Archive also contains Front & Back cover art)
Download ADF Disk Version (1 MB ram & 2 disk drives required)

Game start too hard for you? 
Try this trainer version instead, lets you have unlimited skills, time.
Download ADF Disk Flashtro Version
Thanks go to:
DamienD for sorting the ADF version.
Minimac94 for the converted Megadrive levels.
SIRIaX for the Flashtro version.

Stop! That's not all! As a final Christmas gift to you all, i offer my Lemmings - The Ports PDF book containing over 300 pages all about the different Lemmings ports absolutely free!

That's definitely it for me this side of Christmas! Enjoy the game and book, and once again have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Michael Winn said...

Blimey what a nice surprise!! I actually bought your awesome Lemmings Ports book, so very nice to also have it as PDF. Thank you so much. Also nice to have these levels to play on Amiga. Thank you soooooo much.

Jay said...

Firstly thanks for buying my book I hope you enjoyed it!
And secondly thanks for the kind words, very appreciated in this day and age where people just expect stuff for free, so thanks!

bobbi iddod said...

as much as i love my CD32s, i think i love my CDTV more, so on behalf of all the CDTV & A570 users out there, thank you for going the extra mile... we really do appreciate it...
happy crimbo matey...

Jay said...

No problem! I no longer own a CDTV, so it's untested on real hardware, it should work though, what with it being edited Lemmings CDTV files!

bobbi iddod said...

well, i finally got time to myself and i can confirm that the disc does indeed work on a real CDTV... so yay... :)

Jay said...

Great stuff! Thanks for letting me and others know!

gmcrump said...

Amazing work! Thanks AmigaJay!

Can't wait to play this over the xmas break. :)

Merry Christmas!

Paul Murphy said...

Great stuff, thanks very much. Have you thought about a Core Design compilation - both as a publisher and developer like your Psygnosis collection? They made lots of great games, would be ace to play them all on a CD32 (some are already on a few different compilations already)

Jay said...

No problem, enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

Jay said...

Yeah I have thought about a Core Design disc, it's on a big list of maybe todo discs lol no promises though.

Unknown said...

This is really great! I bought your book and really enjoyed it and I do still have my CDTV so this something really special. Lemmings is one of my favorite games and I have the original Lemmings on CDTV which is my favorite CDTV game so More Lemmings will be a great addition. Thanks again!

Jay said...

Thanks for buying my book!

Plus I'm glad there's still quite a few people still using CDTVs, so it's nice to know it's appreciated I supported the system!

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