Sunday, 30 April 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - 4 Decades Of Amiga Demos

I bring you my final CD32 release, i hope you've enjoyed the releases I've brought to you over the 15 or so months I've been doing them.

v0.2 has been released, see the announcement HERE 

"4 Decades of Amiga Demos" has been in the works the last 3 months, if you have followed its progress over on EAB you will know about it, well this is the first public release, containing over 300 demos from 4 decades (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s) all playable from a joypad from the easy to use menu.

Yes there have been demo collections before, for one never as big as this one, secondly they normally are Workbench driven discs meaning needing a mouse and clicking through folders each time to load a demo, and lastly no disc has been tested to make sure every demo runs on a stock CD32 machine.

Disc Menu

The disc contains an easy to use menu, ability to search for a demo by Name, Year or Group (more group folders will follow with each update). Along with 10 must watch OCS & AGA demos for people new to the Amiga demo scene.

Contains classic demos from Anarchy, Andromeda, Kefrens, Lemon, Melon Dezign, Polka Brothers, Rage, RNO, Rebels, Sanity, Scoopex, Spaceballs, The Silents, TRSI, Virtual Dreams & Fairlight among many more!

The disc contains old classics from the late 80's right upto demos from Revision 2017  like Catabasis from Cocoon and Retrovision by insane.

*Note: there may be the odd small graphical glitch on a demo, this is may either be because its an whdload problem or the demo itself is old and may not be full aga compatible, but either way they have been deemed still fully enjoyable!

v0.2 has been released, see the announcement HERE 

Plenty of places to download this; EAB FTP Server  /  Pouet Demozoo


sircompo said...

Time to dust off the old '32 and start jamming. Can't wait to see what you've added. Thanks!

Jay said...

No problem, enjoy!

Christophe said...
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asphodel said...

Extremely nice and welcome release!

asphodel said...
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asphodel said...

Must have been quite some work & headaches..

Jay said...


Jay said...

Yeah it took around 3 months on and off, lots of testing and retesting, but thankfully I had help by the guys on EAB!

Bo Zimmerman said...

I've tried this disc twice (two separate burns) in my NTSC CD32. One doesn't boot at all, and the other throws the machine into a reboot-loop. Any U.S. users get this working?

Paul Murphy said...

Shame that's it's the final release, thanks for all the work you've done - it made me buy another CD32 and I've been really enjoying it (although I have to admit it's a shame you didn't go out with a Sensible Software collection - that would be the ultimate CD32 compilation!!!)

Again, thanks for all the hard work!

Jay said...

Cheers Paul!
Never say never, it's my last release for now, gonna have a big break and see after the summer if I want to make anymore or not.

Art said...

Cool :) Looking forward to it coming out.

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