Sunday, 1 October 2017

DOOM - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Something i wanted todo for a long time, but many failed attempts mainly due to cutting textures and levels out of the wad file to get it small enough to boot on a stock machine to no avail.

Now finally with the availability of more Fast-RAM expansion boards for the CD32 its time to release it in an uncut form, fully bootable on a CD32 console, that has 8MB of free Fast-RAM*

*Depending on your setup, it may require disabling of any IDE partitions if a HDD is attached as this will free up any Fast-RAM. (hold down both mice buttons on the reset of the CD32, disable all partitions and select 'boot' it should now load, this will reset back after a hard reboot of the console)


Red = Shoot
Blue = Open Doors
Play = Pause/Menu
FWD = Strafe Right
RWD = Strafe Left

This version uses Doom Attack 0.8 with Akiko C2P support for a nice speedup for CD32 users, sure i wont pretend its a miracle for CD32 owners, you will need to play in low-res mode and have the window about the size in the screenshot, even then it still struggles, but i feel if we had this back in 1994/5 we would have been happy with the port, so take it as it is and you will find something to enjoy running it on your CD32, pretty cool for a 14mhz machine!

Many thanks of course go to Georg Steger the author of Doom Attack.

Discuss and download via the following link HERE

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Stephen Staley said...

Hi Mate
Awesome work! Longshot but is it possible to add CD Audio to the game - the 3DO soundtrack added would be awesome..!

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