Friday, 8 December 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Digital Illusions Collection

Digital Illusions (now known as 'DICE' creators of the Battlefront and Battlefield series) were best known in the Nineties as the masters of Pinball games on any format for 4 years between 1992-1995 with their incredible Pinball trilogy of games, Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions.

Now for the first time, CD32 owners can play all 3 of their Pinball classics on disc, and best of all controlled with a Joypad! Along with those classics, their other two Amiga games Benefactor and Amiganoid are of course included. (It is recommended you read the readme file included for playing instructions)

Menu Screen

The games on the disc are;
  • Amiganoid - Released as 'Freeware' 1993
  • Benefactor - Published by Psygnosis 1994
  • Pinball Dreams - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1992
  • Pinball Fantasies - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1992/3
  • Pinball Illusions - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1995

In the download is the game ISO, Audio files, Readme file and Cover Artwork which is previewed here;

Thanks to the following other people for this release;
Pinball Dreams - Galahad for the WHDLoad Slave
JOTD (CD32Load)
Creators of WHDLoad

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.


aCCoLa said...

Thanks Buddy! Awesome release as always

Unknown said...

to run it on cd32 I should just burn the .cue-file? (sorry if Im asking newbie questions)

Jay said...

Hi, yeah select the cue file otherwise if you pick the iso it won’t burn the audio files

Fabrice Anosoucy said...
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