Friday, 22 December 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - S.C.A.S 2017

'Stock Classic Amiga Scene 2017' - a fantastic collection of 31 of this years community made games for stock Amiga machines.  Featuring games across all genre's, be it demos, full games or ports, there's plenty to play through the Christmas period!

A massive thanks for all the devs and people involved in making these games, and goes to show the classic Amiga still has lots of active development, here's to 2018!

Menu Screen

Here's the full line-up of games on the disc.

Alar City (Demo)  /  Alco-Copter (Demo)  /  Amibird  /  Arctic Moves (ST Port)  /  Blask (Demo)  /  Blazing Guns 0.16 (Demo)  /  Blue Thunder (Demo)  /  Boxx 3  /  Bridgestrike (Demo 2)  /  Brus Lii  /  Climby Skies  /  Commander Keen - Keen Dreams (Shareware) (PC DOS Port)  /  Crazy Priest  /  Double Dragon (Demo)  /  Elfie The Unicorn (Demo)  /  Eurofighter  /  Golden Wing  /  Impsbru  /  Killer Bees (Phillips G7000 Port)  /  Last Starfighter, The  /  Lumberjack Christmas  /  Max Knight  /  Merry Amiga Christmas 2017  /  Open Fire  /  Quasarius  /  Retro Wars (English)  /  Rygar (Demo)  /  Schütze Mike and the treasure of the Inkas  /  Terrahawks (Phillips G7000 Port)  /  Time Gal  /  X-Men (Gloom Mod)

Download is at the bottom of this post, which contains the game ISO, ReadMe and Cover Artwork which can be seen below.

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

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