Sunday, 1 April 2018

New CD32 Game Release!

Not one of my personal releases, but a close friend has been working on this for over a year and now we can finally present this CD32 exclusive game to you! The Final Gate 2 : Toilet Wars.

Featuring a huge 6 minutes of CDXL high quality footage personally filmed with permission in an unnamed toilet block, along with high quality 16hz sound samples recorded on location, the aim is to shoot the bad guys and reclaim the area for the good of the public its that simple!

I've made the covers for him and had an extensive playthrough of the game myself, and wow if you thought the first game was good, this is even better but within a public place of convenience! 

You can find the download on the EAB FTP server, be patient, as all the high quality CDXL video included has meant its a big download!

Edit: Sorry for those who were genuinely wanting to play this! it was an April fools sorry!


Markus Steffan said...
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Ady A said...

cant believe people still do the childish april fools day bullshit in this day and age!

Jay said...

Believe it! I cant believe the amount of people without a sense of humour on 1st April!

joehybris said...

Bwahahahahahahh I fell like a pear from the tree, greaaaaat ahah

Ady A said...

nothing to do with sense of humour.

Markus Steffan said...

I wanted to Thank you for the new Release. But then the first April comes in my mind. 😊 Markus alias NeoHippie2016

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