Sunday, 25 November 2018

Unofficial CD32 Release - The Ultimate Lemmings Collection

Before i release my last Anthology set next week, i want to release another solo disc I've been putting together and the reason why it needed to be seperate from the Psygnosis Collection disc, but here is The Ultimate Lemmings Collection for the Amiga CD32!


Contains all this Lemmings goodness!

Commercial Games - 5
Commercial Demos - 3
Game Hacks - 3
PD Games - 3
Demos - 2
Slideshows - 2
Animations - 10
Music Tracks - 69
Video - 1
I mentioned before, the reason why i wanted the same full Lemmings games that are already on Psygnosis disc, is because i couldn't make them playable with a Joypad due to other games on the disc being run with CD32Load.  Since nothing on this disc is, i can now enable the disc to allow normal file loading titles that use a mouse to allow the Joypad to emulate it (all bar Oh No! More Lemmings which still uses WHDLoad).

Want to chill and listen purely to the Lemmings music without playing? Relax you now can play all 69 Lemmings tracks from all 6 games and includes the never used original Lemmings music that was canned due to fear of copyright infringement, all playable through your TV with your Joypad!

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder 
Or click Superfrog on the right. (AJ42)