Saturday, 18 August 2018

Unofficial CD32 Release - NEO Collection

It's been a while since my last collection, and this one was on hold since the spring due to an issue with one of the games, it's still not fixed but still can be played a couple of ways, see the readme for more details, but here it is the NEO Collection!

Menu Screen

Here's the full line-up of games on the disc.
  • Black Viper
  • Cedric
  • The Clue!
  • Fightin' Spirit
  • Spherical Worlds
  • Whales Voyage
  • Whales Voyage II (Commercially unreleased English version)
Download is at the bottom of this post, which contains the game ISO, ReadMe and Artwork, which can also be seen below.

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

Friday, 17 August 2018


I've obviously been busy with my CD32 Scene Magazine the last few months, that's not to say I've working on new compilation discs for the CD32.

Here's one i had ready to go a couple of years ago, this is basically the same as the OCS pack i released in 2016, has updated menu screen and cover art and replaces the following games;

The Chao's Engine with the CD32 AGA version
Speedball 2 with the CD32 AGA version
The Chao's Engine 2 with the AGA version

For various reasons The Chao's Engine 2 AGA wouldn't work through CD32Load, so instead of leaving it in limbo forever, I'm releasing it as it is, please bear in mind this requires FastRAM to load, and a keyboard to use the in-game commands.

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

CD32 Magazine Plans

Further to the survey i posted last week, i have opened a Facebook page to keep upto date with the latest updates and a link to the new web store, please go along and follow!

Also go to the web store and sign up for the monthly newsletter which has a F.A.Q on what the plans for the magazine are.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Unofficial CD32 Release - 4 Decades Of Amiga Demos v0.2 - UPDATE!

A year to the day since i released '4 decades of Amiga demos' and now its time for the first update, v0.2 features a huge 101 newly added demos!

The main reasoning to update was to create a folder for FastRAM equipped CD32's, so they can play a little more advanced demos that were previously out of reach of 2MB console owners.

Along with the FastRAM only demos folder, there is a new 'Rave-Acid' demos folder for those wanting something a little more fast paced!

In total this update has 101 new demos, 44 of those are FastRAM only, whilst the other 57 will work on stock CD32's too, plenty of new and old material across the years.

Plus to make it easy for those who downloaded the first version, in the read-me I've listed all 101 new demos to make it easier to search and watch the newly added ones, including new 2018 demos like 'The Fall' (Above)

Also includes a bonus CDXL video! Rewind to 1987 and hum along to the 'Only Amiga' music video, and yes it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the evening!

Plenty of places to download this; EAB FTP Server  /  Pouet Demozoo

Monday, 23 April 2018

DOOM II - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Quick an easy release for some of you who asked for it, here is Doom II for the CD32 with FastRAM (Same details apply as per the first Doom post regarding memory).

As its using the same engine, you get the same speed as per the original. Also for those that asked, no sorry Hexen and Heretic weren't supported under this engine, and yes I've made test images for the CD32 using different engine's, but since they aren't optimized as well, along with not supporting the Akiko, even with a postage stamp screen they aren't playable, it certainly makes you appreciates the work done on these engines even more! So unless you have a faster CPU Doom I & II are the only open source FPS games we will get on the CD32.

Finally the only other change I've made is hiding all the CLI loading gubbins, now it shows a quick loading screen and goes blank until the Doom title screen loads, have also changed this for the first Doom included in the download.


Red = Shoot
Blue = Open Doors
Play = Pause/Menu
FWD = Strafe Right
RWD = Strafe Left

Many thanks again to Georg Steger the author of Doom Attack.

Downloads on the EAP server.