Monday, 15 February 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - The Bitmap Brothers : Complete Amiga Works

Today I'm excited to show off my next unofficial CD32 disc; - The Bitmap Brothers Collection

Containing all 10 of Bitmap Brothers games released on the Amiga OCS systems, along with the CDTV version of Xenon II as a bonus.
  • Cadaver (Slave - JOTD)
  • Cadaver - The Payoff (Slave - JOTD)
  • The Chaos Engine (Slave - Wepl/Mick/Harry/JOTD)
  • The Chaos Engine 2 (Slave - Mick)
  • Gods (Slave - Wepl/JOTD)
  • Magic Pockets (Slave - JOTD)
  • Speedball (Slave - JOTD)
  • Speedball 2 (Slave - Galahad)
  • Xenon (Slave - Bored Seal/Psygore)
  • Xenon 2 (Slave - Wepl)
  • Xenon 2 CDTV (Full version with CD Audio & Extras)
Game Selection Screen

Most of the games have specially updated controls for the CD32 pad, meaning Cadaver is playable for the first time without a keyboard!

Again they have also been tested and updated for two joypads for some great two player fun!
Update 23/10/16 (v1.3) - 
* Split release's Into OCS and AGA version discs (AGA version WIP)
* Added Xenon II CDTV on the 'Play' button (this replaced the Jukebox)
* Included all CD Audio for Xenon II CDTV (Burn disc using supplied .cue file!)
* Updated Menu Screen to v1.3 to reflect changes
* Updated all CD32load compatible titles to the latest version + filecache for faster loading (details in the readme or on the forum link below)

You can discuss and download this disc HERE


xTNAx02 - Minecraft said...

where can i find a link for download

Jay said...

Use the link above, its on the eab ftp server.

Gryzor said...

"Sorry guys i received a takedown notice about this release, so i have removed the download."


Jay said...

I don't host the downloads anymore, they are on the ftp as noted on the first post on the forum.

Mark Caunt said...

thank you! This is awesome. Very much appreciated.

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