Saturday, 13 February 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - Indy Heat & Super Off Road Double Pack

My next unofficial CD32 pack is a Leyland Corporation Double Pack, who created the awesome arcade games;

Indy Heat (Slave - Mr.Larmer & JOTD)
Super Off Road (Slave - Dark Angel & CFOU!)

The Amiga conversions were incredibly close to the arcade versions at the time, and me and my son love playing them on emulators, and he actually prefers the Amiga version over the original simply for the pit crew sounds lol so anyway this pack is for him, i hope you guys enjoy it too.

Both games have great simultaneous 2-player modes which have been tested with CD32 and Megadrive pads too.

Game Selection Screen

The download contains the game ISO, Cover Art and Read Me (which tell you everything you need to know about controls and credits.

This disc has now been retired, to play these games you can download the CD32 mega disc, details HERE

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