Monday, 22 February 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - The Ultimate Amiga Dizzy Collection

Two unofficial CD32 releases in one day, i know, I'm good to you guys!
I mostly put this one together over the weekend, and got the final game working today, and I'm away over the next couple of evenings so thought I'd chuck it out there this evening.

This release contains all 11 Dizzy related games that were released on the Amiga;
  • Fast Food
  • Spellbound Dizzy
  • Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
  • Fantastic Dizzy
  • Fantasy World Dizzy
  • Magicland Dizzy
  • Prince Of The Yolkfolk
  • Treasure Island Dizzy
  • Bubble Dizzy
  • Dizzy Panic
  • Kwiksnax
Game Selection Screen

Controls have been enhanced where available, but I've left 'up' as jump because if one game really suits it its Dizzy, but other than that pause has been added to most games and a couple of games have more buttons, but all the controls for each game are in the readme file.
Original Slaves written by;
Fast Food - John Girvin / Spellbound Dizzy - DJ Mike
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy - Abaddon / Fantastic Dizzy - Abaddon/Bored Seal
Fantasy World Dizzy - Bored Seal / Magicland Dizzy - Abaddon/Bored Seal/StingRay
Prince Of The Yolkfolk - Bored Seal / Treasure Island Dizzy - Codetapper
Bubble Dizzy - Bored Seal / Dizzy Panic - Bored Seal / Kwiksnax - Bored Seal

Thanks to Yolkfolk for use of their Dizzy images and logo.

The download contains the game ISO, Cover Art and Read Me (which tell you everything you need to know about controls and credits.

You can discuss and download this release HERE


bobbi iddod said...

there doesn't appear to be a download link for the ISO, has it been removed or omitted?
(loving your work btw, TY)

Jay said...

Thanks! I've updated the link to the forum thread, you need to ask from there how to get it.

Jozef Michálek said...

Please, update link, thx.

Jay said...

The link works, it goes to the eab forum where u can get the download on their ftp server.

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