Thursday, 21 April 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - Team 17 : The Complete Amiga Works

It's been nearly 4 weeks since my last release, that's because I've been busy with my largest release to date, i can finally present to you - Team 17 : The Complete Amiga Works.

Containing 31 of their finest games from their Team 7 developed games in 1990 to their swansong Amiga release in 1997, this release contains them all, and for the first time they are all playable on a stock CD32!

I've retained as much CD audio as i could fit on the disc for the games that used it originally for their CD32 release, of course the tracks are mixed but still sound good and its better than having no music! (don't forget to burn using the cue file!)

Controls for each game are listed on the main menu before you start the game along with the year and other details.

The full game and bonus list is as follows;
Alien Breed / Alien Breed 3D AGA / Alien Breed Special Edition / Alien Breed Story Disk / Alien Breed Tower Assault AGA / Alien Breed II AGA / Alien Breed 3D II AGA / All Terrain Racing / Apache / Apidya / Arcade Pool AGA / Arcade Snooker AGA / Assassin / Assassin Special Edition  / Body Blows / Body Blows AGA / Body Blows Galactic AGA / Cardiaxx / F17 Challenge / Full Contact / Kingpin AGA / Miami Chase / Overdrive / Project X / Project X Special Edition / Qwak  / Speris Legacy AGA / Superfrog / Superfrog Alternate Intro / Super Stardust  / Ultimate Body Blows / Worms / Worms The Director's Cut AGA

Game Selection Screen

Thanks to the following people for this release;
Alien Breed - Mr.Larmer & JOTD  / Alien Breed Special Edition - Wepl  / Alien Breed Story Disk - Bored Seal  / Alien Breed 3D II AGA - Psygore  / Apache - Mr.Larmer  / Apidya - Mr.Larmer & Harry & John Girvin / Assassin - Mr.Larmer / Assassin Special Edition - Mr.Larmer & Bored Seal / Body Blows - MiCK & CFOU! / Body Blows Galactic AGA - JOTD / Cardiaxx - CFOU! / F17 Challenge - MiCK & Wepl / Full Contact - Mr.Larmer & Bored Seal / Miami Chase - Bored Seal / Overdrive - JOTD / Project X - Psygore / Project X Special Edition - Psygore / Superfrog - Codetapper

JTOD - thanks for the awesome CD32Load.
Earok - as usual for the help getting some stuff running, namely AB3D2 and Super Stardust along with your very helpful knowledge of RAD scripts!
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
Lennon Lives for the great Amiga CD32 Games Compilation Toolkit.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

Enjoy the release! And as usual check the zip file for the readme and cover to go with it.

EDIT : It has been noted that some AGA games on the compilation may not work if the language setting on your CD32 is set to anything other than English.

You can discuss and download this release HERE