Sunday, 25 September 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - Seven Over Par - Amiga Golf Classics

Well after a summer break from making CD32 packs, I've been busy putting some of my best packs together in the run-up to Christmas, today's release is the last in my sports collection for this year, and tie's in with the Ryder Cup which starts the first round on Thursday.
Unfortanately i couldnt get every golf game i wanted to include, as either they refused to load with CD32Load or needed a keyboard command somewhere in the game (which only CD32Load could have provided) but it's still an amazing collection of Golf games, and six of the seven games can be played with the joypad too! (See included Read Me! for game controls)

7 games are included on the disc, these are;
  • Links (US Gold, 1992)
  • Nick Faldo's Championship Golf (Grandslam, 1993-4)
  • PGA European Tour (Ocean, 1994-5)
  • Ryder Cup (Ocean 1993-94)
  • Sensible Golf (Virgin, 1995)
  • Tournament Golf (Elite, 1990)
  • World Class Leaderboard Golf (US Gold, 1988)
Game Selection Screen
Many thanks for the original WHDLoad slave guys;

Sensible Golf - Galahad
Tournament Golf - Codetapper
World Class Leaderboard Golf - JOTD
Thanks to the other following people for the use of their programs on this disc;

JTOD - CD32Load
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

This disc has now been retired, to play these games you can download the CD32 mega disc, details HERE


bobbi iddod said...

thanks for this release...
i love me some golf games, looking forward to the weekend when i'll have time to give this a good bashing... i don't drink alcohol anymore, so i'll be tipping a virtual glass to arnold palmer as i play... thanks again, and keep up the excellent work...

Jay said...

No problem! Yeah sad news about AP, great golfer.
Enjoy the Golf games!

ΘΑΝΑΣΗΣ Ζ said...

Very good release Thank you. If its possible in the future add the game 'into the eagles nest' in some compilation.

Jay said...

Hi, no plans atm to include that game, if i did it would probably be in a Mindscape Collection, but again its not at the top of my agenda, thanks.

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