Thursday, 3 November 2016

Unofficial CD32 Release - Psygnosis : The Complete Amiga Works

2016 is the 30th Anniversary of Psygnosis' first Amiga game 'Brataccas'. Psygnosis were one of the most influential Amiga publishers over the 10 years they published for games for it. Many will recall Shadow Of The Beast being one of the major turning points to setting the Amiga aside from the Atari ST, PC and other home computers at the time.

As mentioned Psygnosis were the joint longest supporting Publishers for the Amiga, having supported the platform with releases over 10 years from 1986 to 1995, they were also in the top 5 Amiga Publishers of total unique game releases.

For the last 3 month's on and off, I've put this huge collection together, and unlike other compilations from years past, this time each and every game is playable on a stock CD32, yes my hair is thinner because of it (curse you Armour Geddon II!).
All my other releases I've made every game compatible with the cd32 pad, but due to the sheer amount of games and wanting a complete collection this unfortunately isn't possible, with some games requiring too many keyboard commands to fit on the CD32 pads 7 buttons! But still over 50 games are playable just with the CD32 pad, 10 or so need a mouse and around 5 titles also need
a keyboard, details of all these can be found in the readme, they are also listed on the CD so you know before you load each game.

Each and every game has been tested to try and bring you the best control method for the CD32 controller if possible with many games having controls mapped to the CD32 pad, along with improvements in some games i.e Globdule now runs at 60fps, and Red Zone runs at a more acceptable speed!
Game Selection Screen

There's too many games too list on this blog post what's on the disc, the full list can be found in the readme included in the download;

But the main premise of the disc includes;
  • 68 full released games (+Microcosm on Disc 2)
  • 1 full unreleased game
  • 2 demos of unreleased games
  • 2 demos with unique levels not in full releases
  • CDTV Psygnosis Demo
  • Musical Slideshow of other Unreleased Games
  • Musical Slideshow of Psygnosis Box Art
You can discuss and download this release HERE

Video of game disc in action.

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