Sunday, 22 January 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Graftgold : The Complete Amiga Works

A new year, time for a new release for the CD32, and another in the Publisher/Developer series, this time Graftgold, a independent developer that made some great Amiga games over a 7 year period from 1989 to 1995.

Loading Screen
The games included on the disc are;
  • Empire Soccer
  • Fire & Ice
  • Fire & Ice CD32
  • Fire & Ice Xmas Demo
  • Paradroid 90
  • Rainbow Islands
  • Realms
  • Simulcra
  • Super Off-Road 
  • Uridium 2
  • Virocop
  • Virocop AGA
Menu Screen

Many thanks for the original WHDLoad slave guys;

Empire Soccer - Galahad & Codetapper
Fire & Ice - Harry & JOTD
Fire & Ice Xmas Demo - MiCK
Paradroid 90 - John Girvin
Rainbow Islands - Mr.Larmer & JOTD & Abaddon
Realms - Wepl
Simulcra - Graham & Wepl
Super Off-Road - Dark Angel & CFOU!
Uridium 2 - John Girvin
Virocop - JOTD
Thanks to the other following people for this release;

JTOD - CD32Load
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

You can discuss and download this release HERE


Ady A said...

awesome release thanx alot!

Jay said...

No problem, thanks!

Paul Murphy said...

This is brillain't work - thanks! Had a great time playing Paradroid, Uridium 2 and especially Virocop - finally on the CD32!! Have you thought about a Sensible collection? I know you can get the Sensi Soccer collection but a disc with Wizkid (which is on a couple of the massive CD32 compilations )and the conversions of Wizball, Insects from Space and maybe a selection of the best SEUCK games would be excellent! Thanks again, keep up the brilliant work!

Jay said...

I'm glad people are enjoying them!
Yeah a Sensible Collection is on my list, nothing started yet though so not for a couple of months at least.

David V said...

Can't find most of the stuff on the FTP site.

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