Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Voxel Double Pack - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Forgot to upload a couple of discs i made a month ago, so here's one today, this pack is for FastRAM equipped CD32's, the disc boots as you would expect and you get a choice of 2 voxel based games on this CD;

  • Wheels On Fire - Originally released in 1997 by Prolixity / Epic Marketing, needs 4MB of FastRAM, is a voxel based racing game.
  • Firewall (Demo) - Originally released in 1997 by Ralf Eisele, needs 3MB of FastRAM, is a helicopter voxel game demo in the style of the Comanche game for PC.

Whilst these games would benefit further from a faster CPU and/or Akiko support they are at least playable on the CD32 now.

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32/fastram folder.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Bubble Heroes - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Another great Amiga CD game that CD32 owners missed out on, although this was released a couple of years after the last commercial CD32 game in 2000.

Basically a Puzzle Bobble clone, but probably the best clone, certainly on the Amiga.  I had some difficulties getting this to run, as its designed to be installed on an HDD and run off disc, finally i had it running, but after a couple of weeks of trying the game still has graphical glitches on the intro animations and some of the loading screens, though once these have loaded the game itself is fine so it still deserves a release, though today i thought i'd fixed it as it runs fine on WinUAE but the glitches are still present on real hardware.

Fully bootable on a CD32 console with 4MB+ of FastRAM, and playable with just a Joypad.

CD32 Controls:
Red = Shoot Bubbles

Known Issues -
Glitches on menu/intro screens. (ok on WinUAE)
CD audio not playing (so not included in download)

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

OnEscapee - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

The next Amiga CD to CD32 treatment is OnEscapee, one of the few Amiga CD games i really wanted when it came out 20 years ago, its a very professional looking game in the Another World/Flashback style of gameplay, comes with a fantastic intro as well.

Fully bootable on a CD32 console with 2MB+ of FastRAM, fully playable with a Joypad, infact the game takes advantage of the extra buttons on the CD32 pad.

CD32 Controls:
Red/Rwd = As Fire 1
Blue/Green/Fwd = As Fire 2
Play = Exit to Main Menu
Green+Yellow = Options

Download is in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Readysoft Cartoon Collection

Another disc that started out as a mixture of Animated and FMV style games that didn't really go well and sat in limbo for over a year, but i know there is some Don Bluth fans out there who enjoy the games despite what others think of them, so i removed the other FMV demos and now released it as the Readysoft Cartoon Collection.

Contains the following 7 games, along with Unlimited lives  & 'Movie Modes' for easy playback of the whole cartoon for the Dragon's Lair games and Space Ace 2.

  • Dragons Lair 
  • Dragons Lair - Escape from Singe's Castle 
  • Dragons Lair 2
  • Dragons Lair 3 
  • Space Ace
  • Space Ace 2 
  • Guy Spy

Menu Screen

Thanks to the following people for this release;
WHDLoad Slaves Written by;

Dragons Lair & Escape from Singe's Castle - CFOU!
Dragons Lair 2 - CFOU!
Dragons Lair 3 - CFOU!
Space Ace - Harry
Space Ace 2 - CFOU! & Codetapper

JTOD - for CD32Load.
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New Covers & New Page For Retail Games

Its been a while since I actually got to make some new jewel case covers for unofficial CD32 games other than mine, so the last couple of days I've finished 10 new ones for you to download and print off.

I've also added a new page to the blog which will cover any new CD32 game releases, games that are being sold on a disc in a case so to speak, click the image below to be taken to this new area.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

DOOM - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Something i wanted todo for a long time, but many failed attempts mainly due to cutting textures and levels out of the wad file to get it small enough to boot on a stock machine to no avail.

Now finally with the availability of more Fast-RAM expansion boards for the CD32 its time to release it in an uncut form, fully bootable on a CD32 console, that has 8MB of free Fast-RAM*

*Depending on your setup, it may require disabling of any IDE partitions if a HDD is attached as this will free up any Fast-RAM. (hold down both mice buttons on the reset of the CD32, disable all partitions and select 'boot' it should now load, this will reset back after a hard reboot of the console)


Red = Shoot
Blue = Open Doors
Play = Pause/Menu
FWD = Strafe Right
RWD = Strafe Left

This version uses Doom Attack 0.8 with Akiko C2P support for a nice speedup for CD32 users, sure i wont pretend its a miracle for CD32 owners, you will need to play in low-res mode and have the window about the size in the screenshot, even then it still struggles, but i feel if we had this back in 1994/5 we would have been happy with the port, so take it as it is and you will find something to enjoy running it on your CD32, pretty cool for a 14mhz machine!

Many thanks of course go to Georg Steger the author of Doom Attack.

Discuss and download via the following link HERE