Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New Covers & New Page For Retail Games

Its been a while since I actually got to make some new jewel case covers for unofficial CD32 games other than mine, so the last couple of days I've finished 10 new ones for you to download and print off.

I've also added a new page to the blog which will cover any new CD32 game releases, games that are being sold on a disc in a case so to speak, click the image below to be taken to this new area.



aCCoLa said...

Hi AmigaJay, I hope your well. I grew up with computers going back to Atari, Acorn, Spectrum and a trusty Amiga A500 back in the late 80's/early 90's. So 2017 it was time to get nostalgic and get back into the Amiga! Ive bought a CD32 and found your website. Blown away. Thanks so much for all your work. Just awesome. The compilation disks and artwork are VERY useful! Really enjoying burning and printing...and playing. Just wondering....if you ever have time....a Cinemaware Compilation with TV sports football, Rocket Ranger et al, would be awesome! Thanks again and if your ever in Scotland I will buy you a pint or a wee dram of whiskey to say thanks! Mark AKA aCCoLa

Jay said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the kind words, appreciated! You never know about a Cinemaware disc, keep your eyes on the blog for any future updates!

aCCoLa said...

No problem Jay, I do check back very regularly! I know its a big ask but hope that your schedule could maybe fit one in one day.
Thanks again for your work. Off to play my Team17 disk....so happy!

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