Saturday, 17 March 2018

Site Updates

No CD32 release this update, though i have a couple of releases brewing, one for the end of March and another in mid April. This update is to let you know I've also been doing other CD32 related stuff;

The first is, I've been compiling old Amiga adverts and making PDF's that are to free to view on Issuu, not all are Amiga related, but I've done one's for CD32, CDTV and Psygnosis, well worth a flick through to reminisce on the games we got, and sadly the games we didn't get the chance to play! My Lemmings and Amiga books are also on there for those who don't have too much free space on their device(s) to download them.

The other update is a big update to my CD32 booting disc lists spreadsheets, I've added nearly 200 homebrew discs and over 80 cdxl video discs to the lists, which now contain over 600 discs that are playable on a stock CD32, a pretty amazing number of stuff to play I'm sure you'll agree!

Both links are permanently available in the left-side of this blog, thanks for visiting, come back in a couple of weeks for my next update.


Fabrice Anosoucy said...

THX for this work !

aCCoLa said...

Thank you as always AJ! Great work.
For your up coming demo disk....any chance of the Kaktus Mahoney "Sounds of the Gnome" on it? Would make my day if this could make it on! Anyway Im sure it will be great whatever. Thanks again!

Jay said...

Hi, sorry we kept it to all demos with the odd intros, all music disks were removed when testing.

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