Monday, 23 April 2018

DOOM II - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Quick an easy release for some of you who asked for it, here is Doom II for the CD32 with FastRAM (Same details apply as per the first Doom post regarding memory).

As its using the same engine, you get the same speed as per the original. Also for those that asked, no sorry Hexen and Heretic weren't supported under this engine, and yes I've made test images for the CD32 using different engine's, but since they aren't optimized as well, along with not supporting the Akiko, even with a postage stamp screen they aren't playable, it certainly makes you appreciates the work done on these engines even more! So unless you have a faster CPU Doom I & II are the only open source FPS games we will get on the CD32.

Finally the only other change I've made is hiding all the CLI loading gubbins, now it shows a quick loading screen and goes blank until the Doom title screen loads, have also changed this for the first Doom included in the download.


Red = Shoot
Blue = Open Doors
Play = Pause/Menu
FWD = Strafe Right
RWD = Strafe Left

Many thanks again to Georg Steger the author of Doom Attack.

Downloads on the EAP server.


thairacer said...

BIG THANKS Amigajay ! really apreciate !

asphodel said...

This is seriously good stuff. Imagine the reaction in the 90's.. It may not be full screen, but considering this is on a 020, this is awesome.

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