Saturday, 7 April 2018

Unofficial CD32 Release - Horizontal S.E.U Collection

The long awaited follow up to Vertical S.E.U Collection has finally arrived! Imaginatively named 'Horizontal S.E.U Collection' and contains 28 of the little blastards on one disc!

Menu Screen

Here's the full line-up of games on the disc.
  • Agony
  • Apidya
  • Atrophy (Unreleased Demo)
  • Blood Money
  • Carcharodon
  • Denaris
  • Disposable Hero CD32
  • Dragon Bree
  • Lethal Zone
  • Lunar-C CD32
  • Menac
  • Necronom
  • Nucleus
  • Oath
  • P47 Thunderbolt
  • Phobia
  • Powder
  • Project X SE CD32
  • Pulsa
  • R-Type
  • R-Type 2
  • Saint Dragon
  • Silkworm
  • T-Racer (SW)
  • Thesius VII (PD)
  • Tubular Worlds AGA
  • X-Out
  • Z-Out
Download is at the bottom of this post, which contains the game ISO, ReadMe and Artwork, which can also be seen below.

Thanks to the following people for this release;
WHDLoad Slaves Written by;

Agony - JOTD / Apidya - Mr.Larmer & Harry & John Girvin / Blood Money - Wepl & StingRay / Carcharodon - Galahad / Denaris - Mr.Larmer & CFOU! / Dragon Breed - CFOU! / Lethal Zone - Bored Seal & StingRay / Menace - Bored Seal & Psygore / Necronom - Bored Seal / Nucleus - Codetapper / Oath - Dark Angel / P47 Thunderbolt - DJ Mike / Phobia - Codetapper / R-Type - Dark Angel & Bored Seal & Wepl / R-Type 2 - Mr.Larmer / Saint Dragon - Mr.Larmer & Psygore / Silkworm - Abaddon / Tubular Worlds - Psygore / X-Out - JOTD & StingRay / Z-Out - Harry & JOTD

Other thanks to;
Earok - Project-X SE / Apidya SE Fixes
JTOD - for CD32Load / Creators of WHDLoad
Menu Music - 'a-rooty-tooty' by alex craxton

Please note, this has yet to be tested on real hardware, burn at your own risk!

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

Other Site News;
  • Sorry for those who voted NEO to be the next disc i released, unforeseen issue's have delayed the release indefinitely. 
  • The next update of the Demo Collection CD is still coming with 100 new demos, I'm just waiting for the update to winning OCS demo from Revision 2018 'The Fall' so i can add it to the disc, expect it out within 1-2 weeks. 
  • I've made some new covers for the two Reimagine CD32 releases Road Avenger and Time Gal, along with a cover for the Eric W. Schwartz Collection. These can be downloaded HERE.



Sergius said...

Hi, I love shoot'em up games and I would like to burn your .iso compilation.
What je the beau tool To do or please?
Tnks a lot

Sergius said...

Are audio tracks used by the games like does WipeOut? Or are they simple gift to listen separetly?

Jay said...

Hi, i use Imgburn, but lots of burning programs work just as well.

Jay said...

Hi, on this disc the audio tracks are for Disposable Hero, but you can listen to them on a CD player to, just don't play track 1! (data track)

Sergius said...

Thank you JAY.
Your compilation rocks ;-)

Sergius said...

Ok, great. I used for the first time today Japanelo succesfully. It's (official MorphOS burning app).
It's Very easy to use. ;-)

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