CD32 Anthology Set 2

Amiga CD32 Anthology 2

The second set in the CD32 Anthology contains one of my favourite discs, '4 Decades Of Amiga Demos' along with the recently released 'Point & Click Adventure Game Collection' as well as those, an updated disc for the 'Unreleased Amiga Game Collection' and a brand new disc entitled 'FastRAM Collection' make up the 4 disc line-up.

Point & Click Adventure Game Collection v1.0

A disc for adventure game freaks! Contains 86 classic point and click adventure games.

86 Commercial Games

4 Decades Of Amiga Demos v0.2b

Huge collection of Amiga scene intros and demos all playable on your TV with just a joypad!

400 Amiga Scene Demos
1 CDXL Video

FastRAM Collection v1.0

Consolidating 5 of the previous FastRAM solo discs with 8 other FastRAM only games.

13 Commercial Games
1 Game Demo

Unreleased Amiga Game Collection v0.2*

Disc of games commercially unreleased, play some games that never were!

*8 New Games in latest update.

11 Full Games
19 Game Demos

Discussion about this release, any problems and where to download can be found HERE.


Dale Win said...

Thanks for Anthology 1. How come there are no menu screenshots of the games in the Point & Click Collection and info if they need protection ?

Jay said...

Adding screenshots takes more time, i’m slowly cutting down time spent, the decades of demos, homebrew and games discs dont have screenshots either. Info is listed on protection in the included readme files with the downloads.

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