FastRAM Compatible CD32 Games

Now more and more people are getting expansion boards that add FastRAM to CD32's, its getting more noticable that some original CD32 games don't actually work with FastRAM in the system, now some people are moaning that developers should have sorted this, but personally the CD32 is a console, the developers developed for a stock CD32 and didn't expect anything different to be altered which is fair enough, its like moaning at a PC developer from the 90s that their game doesn't now run on Windows 10!

But anyhoo, there is a couple of routes to solve this problem;

1) If you own the original and still want to play that version, then load up Workbench first and deactivate FastRAM from one of the utilties you can download on Aminet.

2) Download my patched versions from the EAB FTP server, which deactivate FastRAM on boot, if the original has audio tracks as well just replace my .iso with the original one and reburn to disc.

I personally haven't tried all CD32 games for FastRAM compatibility, if there's a game that you know of that needs patching please comment below, saying when and where it fails i.e on boot, intro locks, black screen with audio, graphics currupt etc.

Known Problem Games:

Flink - Couple of sound problems, rest of game is fine.

These are the games that have been patched to date;

Downloads are on the EAB FTP server in the uploads/cd32/fastramcd32discs folder .

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